Welcome to my Website

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my website all you wonderful souls.

My recent cookbook- “Vegan Cooking for the Soul” was finally

released this month. It took quite a while but with God’s Grace it is

finally a reality! 

As you will see in the book I grew up in the south with my grandparents where we had down-home meals like cornbread, mustard and turnip greens, sweet potato pie, fried apples and corn pudding. When I became a vegetarian about 35 years ago my Mom and I started to transform these dishes into vegetarian versions. More recently I have transformed the recipes to vegan versions. Gluten-free for the breads and cake items will be the next adventure.


In this 1stblog for my website, I have a list of the items you will find in my pantry and kitchen. Some include a short description of how I utilize them in my recipes. If you have any questions let me know.


In the meanwhile I encourage you to go to Amazon and purchase my book that’s-

“Vegan Cooking for the Soul” by Roslyn Dudley. Thanking you in advance for your support. Looking forward to connecting with you real soon………


Love and Peace

MaMa Ros